Yes, we are not able to do any exams without the requisition form or the order from your physician.

You could ask your family physician or any walking clinic for a visit and they will give you a requisition form including the exams you need to do.

You can do the mammography without a request from a physician if you
 are in any age between 50 to 74  
 don’t have any acute breast symptoms 
 don’t have any personal history of breast cancer
 don’t have a mastectomy done and
 have not done any mammography within the last 11 month. 
If you don’t have all the criteria above you have to bring a requisition form to do a mammography. 

Yes, we accept the PDF format of the requisition form as long as you are able to send it to us through email:

Yes, you can email it to or fax it to 416-531-1127.

We almost always accept walk-in patients for X-rays. For ultrasound we will accept walk-ins if we have any spot available so it is prefered to call us at 416-531-1128 before you come to the office to be sure that we have enough time to accomodate you. You will not be waiting for a long time here if we know when you are coming too. 

Usually it will take 3-5 business days for your doctors to receive the reports but we always try to send them as early as possible. If there is any urgent matter or if your physician asked for an urgent report it will fax to your doctor in 24 hours. 

Every exam here is under OHIP coverage(except a few exams) and you don’t need to pay anything as long as you have a valid Health Card and a requisition from a physician, Chiropractor, Midwife or Nurse Practitioner with the exams they are allowed to request. Please don’t forget to bring your Health Card with you when you are coming to book or do the exam. 

There are three ways you could access your reports:
1- Ask your family physician to give you a copy of your reports.
2- Register at Pocket Health through and follow the instructions. You will have access to your reports and images and you can share them with any new physicians. You could ask the front desk if you need more information.
There is no free parking designated to our building. 
A Green Parking is located in Markham St. just behind the building.
And it is more convenient to commute with TTC because our clinic is exactly across the Bathurst Subway station.

You have to call us at least 24 hours before your appointment to cancel or reschedule your time. So, we will have enough time to change the schedule or fill the spot with other patients who are waiting for an earlier appointment.


Patient Education

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    Cancer screening is testing done on people who may be at risk of getting cancer, but who have no symptoms and generally feel fine.

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    Ultrasound imaging, also called ultrasound scanning or sonography, involves exposing part of the body to high-frequency sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body.

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    Ultrasound or sonography involves the sending of sound waves through the body. Those sound waves are reflected off the internal organs.